Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sad California

There are historic fires today-so much lost and devastated-its hard to know how this will affect us all at this point.My friends in these areas are so far fine-we are fine too-its really only in the deserts and mountains-but that is huge-when you look at the map of San diego county you'll see that most of the county is now on fire. The news is on all the time and it's pretty unwatchable-I hate that the Breaking news caption is on all the time.
This is a picture of the sun and the smoke-my pool is coated with soot and leaves-the plants are all wilting in 100degree heat-I cant bring myself to water them -I feel like its wasting water I may sometime need
Im feeling very sad about alot of things Tomorrow will be better-I keep telling myself this!


Pamela Taylor said...

Lisa, I am so sorry about what is happening in California. Hearts and prayers are up from Texas. I can't even imagine...
I have loved your art for so long. I took a calligraphy class several years ago after I first saw your work and told the teacher I wanted to learn so I could write on canvas...he told me it couldnt be done! I met you at Art&Soul in Dallas and you were so gracious and encouraging. I am so glad to see you have a blog. And I am hoping to get in one of your classes in Houston. You do amazing work. Please take care of yourself during this sad time in California. I pray it will be over soon.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

{{{{Lisa}}}} -- I wish I could give you a big hug in person.

I am thinking about and praying for everybody in southern California, especially the wonderful folks I met at ArtFiberFest last week. I find comfort in knowing that, somehow, in some way, good will come from this chaos, even though I can't see how at this moment.

Lisa, you have such brightness and creativity -- I hope you can find some comfort in your work. Maybe you can create gentle breezes and rain on your canvas.... ooh, I can imagine what wonderful flourished raindrops you could draw with your pen!

&rew said...

Hi Lisa, even though the fires did horrible & destructive things to the homes in California, I am very grateful that many people including you are still alive. Yes, it is going to be tough to for these people in Los Angeles and San Diego areas to rebuild and continue on with their lives. My thoughts and prayers are with them and you, too. &rew