Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am so excited-My daughter and I placed the numbers on a bridge near our house-that literally hundreds of cars drive under every minute. The numbers are 3897-the number of Iraq dead-the numbers have been untouched since Christmas eve!
I will update this weekly and have sent out press releases to get some publicity. I will also be doing a one to one action wiht my chalk project
More than Numbers /Stop the War is what Im going to call it I think

Tomorrow is my Open House! The place looks beautiful and I can walk into my studio-I feel like weights have been lifted-I will take alot of pictures tomorrow night-We'll be featuring Bernie's ( My mom) Fish house punch which means instant party as its all liquor and tastes like lemonade. Kristin will be making her awesome bread. I am so thrilled ! I love parties!
I hung big clear lights in the back and it looks like an Italian wedding-so cozy-we'll have a fire in the middle though-it will probably be cold. The venerable name tag game will be played too-we've got some really good names!! ( Sanjaya anyone?!)
Next year -you're invited!!

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