Saturday, December 1, 2007


Just got back from a very cool event in downtown LA-which I gather is becoming a really neato artists city. It was in the Ghetto Mansion-where a bunch of Graff, stencil and stickers artists have their studios and gallery space-The place was jumping-all ages really into the sticker scene as well as lettering and stencils.I've put the pics up on my Flickr. There was also screening on site-huge videos projected on the walls-djs and bands. also tacos! The kids were really cool-everyone carried a black book-searching for their favorite artists to sign-the ultimate ill thing. I was blown away by the work and the energy. The guy who runs Praise the lowered has his studio there-he's in my book! I couldnt find him though-go to and checkout the stuff.
So the walls were plastered with Stickers-the guy who curated this -sticky rick asked for anyone to send him stickers and he just got millions of stickers! the kids were putting up their own stickers-even though it said not to-thats like an open invitation! lots of trading going on too-I want to get the calligraphy community and this bunch together somehow-
There were alot of little kids there tonight too-wiht their books! so how cool would it be to excite that demographic into letters! Im so stoked!!Heres a couple pictures to whet you appetite-You just have to check this work out !!

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