Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Beach Quilt Show!

The beautiful Long Beach weather attracted scores-no make that thousands and thousands of quilters to the Convention center-and even though Judy M told them that they better be ready the center was definitely not ready for these many people! They ran out of food and had only two ticket takers for the thousands in line-Women hung from the rafters-some fainted in the food lines! They had to call a tactical alert and bring out the mounted patrol because there was no parking
but this will return next year-so make a date
I returned from Chicago and dived into the mess-Tracy and Allison Stilwell were my houseguests and arrived on Monday-you know them as the famous ArtGirlz-go to or see the last issue of Quilting Arts for their article-they are so very cool-I wasnt much of a hostess-and kinda waved to them as I rushed to teach classes. Traci Bautista was also my houseguest! This was alot of fun and really crazy-I think next year dont plan two conferences for the same week-( duh!) Ive posted some photos of the amazing work-the colors! The inventiveness-and once again I learned more from my students-They were all so very nice considering the challenges they faced getting there!
I was constantly in trouble with the staff of the center-they thought my lasagna pans full of coffee and tea for ageing fabric meant I was cooking! Uh Oh...and I had wayyy too much supplies that I had to lug back-the downside of living close-but the good thing is it was only a few miles to work and no hotel to pay for
Im off next to Art Unraveled in Phoenix on Tuesday so no blogging for a while-If youre in the area-I'll be doing temporary tattoos in calligraphy Tuesday night and signing books a tthe Embassy suites-go to also at the Creative Quest on Friday night for a casual demo-book signing. I would love to meet you!! go to
ALSO I will have my book and DVD for sale at the Vendor day Saturday, August 9th-plus alot of prints and such-Angel wings and wood type!

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