Friday, August 1, 2008

First half of a Crazy week-Conference!

Too much is what I would define as the last week I had-and It doesn't look like it will slow anytime soon-i have to get prepped for Art Unravelled next week-but I wanted to pop in and write about conference and the Quilt show-first off -the Letters mingle Souls Lettering Conference was held in the best place to live in America-Naperville Illinois-and it was true-the houses that lines the streets were out of a movie set. The campus was nice and large-They had two old timey trolleys to transport the participants-I never used them though-too impatient-It rained the first day but I managed with the cover of my pillowcase;

Here are some pictures of my students/colleagues work-they were amazing-They even let me drag them out under the tree and talk about the mystery of unfolding! Definitely check out the classe's pictures at my flickr site-link on the right! It was such a wonderful sharing group of women and I hope we can keep in touch. It was wonderful to have 2 1/2 days to stretch out the creating.
The opening night presentation was a film collaboration by Brody Nuenschwander and a dance troupe and filmmaker-bringing to life the words through visuals and sounds-amazing-He took the text from the amazing book-Body Type -you have to check this out to see what people will tattoo text wise on their bodies-I loved the tatt that says
Yes I said yes I will yes-LOVE that quote-Dont know if Im ready to have it tattooed on me yet
My daughter is having a heart tattoed on her arm designed by her girlfriend-cant wait to see it
Oh the second night event was Rick Valencenti-graphic designer -very famous -but an incredible talent and very funny
OK-I missed the show and tell as I had to rush back to Long Beach for the new quilt show here in town!! I wi;ll; blog about that tomorrow
OK-hows my spelling?

OH and I have to announce I will be teaching at ArtFest! I will be introducing two new classes-Tats/Graff/ and Freestyle Lettering
and AllSaints Pocket Wallet-the site is about to go online so check out the websitre will post pics of these classes very soon-promise!!

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