Monday, February 2, 2009


Yep Its Official! We're going to beautiful Italy! Orvieto to be precise ( one of Rick Steves favorite towns!) This is in May-from the 10th to the 17th. I will be teaching an Italian Book of Inspiration-a lovely accordion fabric book. You'll learn how to letter on fabric-even if you're a beginner. We'll combine collage and color and artifacts we discover in this beautiful town! I'm in love with it and I haven't even been there yet! Mornings spent in a lovely classroom-afternoons exploring the city-its vineyards, Etruscan Caves with ancient inscriptions, its cathedral (Il Duomo) eating, shopping! Then we'll return to a convent that has been turned into a lovely B & B for relaxation and rest. Can you join me? I think this will be the trip of a lifetime and fares are great to Italy now! Please link up now and if you've been 'on the fence" maybe this will help you decide! I would love to share this with you ( My daughter's going with me too!) Significant others and family are tended with care by our wonderful hosts, Kristin and Bill Steiner while we're in class. Kristin ( My daughter ) and I are planning to stay a week or two after and go to Rome and other magical places-Please email me if you have any questions about the class-Please check out the website! Link is on the right!

Oh and CHA blogging is coming soon!


PkOnerski said...

u should take an aerosol artist with you... :)

Diana said...

LIsa, I would so love to do this trip BUT (like many people) the problem is finances at the moment (and I'm in the UK so travel would be less... hmmm). I did wonder though if any of the magazine articles you've had published would talk us through the process of making a book of inspirations? We wouldn't het the wonderful hands-on inspiration from being in Italy, but it would give us an idea of what's involved and make us hungry for the same trip another time. Or maybe you could write another book and include this sort of project idea in it?
Loving your work!