Thursday, February 19, 2009

LETTERS CALIFORNIA STYLE! and general craziness

Yes Its been crazy! Ive been to Tulsa-who merit their own posting-thats next-I'm officially working on a book with my friend Pat-the genius graff artist-working title "Tats, Graff and Freestyle Alphabets" I've just returned from Letters California Style in Pomona-I did want to get some pics up of that-I had more of the class work-which was amazing! but somewhere they were lost-
I did also lose my Canon Sureshot coming back from Tulsa and Im super bummed if I have lost all those pics-still looking for the camera!
More info on all that coming soon-but please check out my flickr site at the right to see the artists work that I was lucky enough to watch unfold-and Oh yeah my daughter has returned from India-Crazy? No...way beyond that!


Toni said...


Sophiadia said...

Thank you for listing me in your fave links! If you hadn't landed here already - I wanted to draw your attention to another interesting vortex (blog) related to mark making - more specifically "asemic" text and writing...

Thank you for sharing your lovely work..


Sara said...


Oh so sad about your camera! I want to think it is misplaced among all the "stuff" you have and you'll find it! In the meantime, I can send you the photos I took of our retreat if you are interested!

I completed my book for my sweet sister Annie...and I'll be posting it on my blog soon. Your class was amazing and I know our paths will cross many times - and hopefully the next time will be in Italy!

Hugs, Sara/Tulsa

Mary lin Huskamp said...

BEAUTIFUL colors! Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...


Surprise...I have given your blog an award....

I've posted our retreat photos on my blog, too!