Monday, April 20, 2009

Tamara's commission-Stage One

Im into a commission right now and I thought you might see how I work-Heres the initial washes-I had the text and an idea to do a long skinny quilt. Thanks to Tamara for allowing me to share this with you all
It is really HOT in LBC now-but cooling off nicely for the evenings-this weekend I went to the Brewery ArtWalk and sold stuff at the Farmer's market with Sarah-I'll post pics and describe soon!

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Sara said...

Hey Lisa - what a scare that must have been for you thinking you may be having a heart attack! It was a scare for me reading about you! I am so relieved to hear that you need to relax....R E L A X!!! Breathe.... How are you going to do that with your crazy woman schedule.....I know....relax and breathe while in Italy!!!

Love and Hugs,