Friday, October 2, 2009

Back from Canada!

Beautiful British Columbia! I am so happy to have visited this beautiful place! I was again treated like a queen-special thanks to my helpers-and hosts-First I stayed in Vancouver at the lovely home designed and decorated so artfully by architect/artist Maureen Berris! Violet Smythe organized this workshop and wow-was it wonderful-everything I needed and wanted was there for me-ready to go!The West Coast guild is just filled with wonderful people! I again have posted their work on my flickr-but of course I goofed and loaded the last slides first-so they are in backwards!- I am never ever used to the incredible talent that I get to see working and producing such beautiful stuff-Inspiring me !
I then went by ferry ( fantastic!) to Vancouver island-where the beautiful Lorie Rogers got me-=and we went to the Crow and Gate pub in t he middle of nowhere-=a wonderful pub and garden where we met Marilyn Silver-then on to my lecture-which went really well!
Barb Qualley hosted me and Connie Furgason in her lovely home right next to the bay-and yippee we went on a boat ride commandeered by her able husband Stew-we went right at dusk and grilled lamb kebobs on the boat. I cant describe to you the beauty of this place-so quiet and peaceful and the incredible hospitality!
the Warmland calligraphers were so much fun-I really enjoyed them all-thank you for bringing me to your lovely 'warm' land-a little bit hot the first day!! Check out the classwork!
But good! so I was off to another ferry-this time to Tuwassen? where Violet met me again and hosted me for the night-then a quick but great tour of Richmond and the pretty town of Steveston- AND the Olympic Oval-thats me above there!-a fantastic all green structure where the ice speed skating will be held-I went crazy for the Olympic pins-and the mascot is really really cute! Quatchi? I think?
So Im back-reaclimating myself to Socal-I tell you-if they didnt have winter there in BC Id think about moving there!

Next up is Louisville, Kentucky!
Oh and they have TWO SPOTS OPEN! contact Paula at -Its the weekend of the 17th of October and there will be one day of funky letters and one day of letters on fabric... sweeet!-A Lot of fun! Im down to my last few teaching gigs and its somewhat bittersweet-I'll miss the teaching part -seeing the artists work-but im so excited about the future!

Oh and guess what -don't spread this around-well I guess you can and I wish you would!-its not totally official but my Graffitti COLAB with Alisa Burke and Traci Bautista may be happening in Dec at the Art Bar. A total weekend immersion in all things graffiti-creating a super cool messenger bag, portfolio, accessories and more- A live art event open to the public, creativity talks etc etc...

OK_must rest-Im working on my Ofrenda-altar-for my dad for the Dia de Los Muertos event coming up-will post pics sunday! Im gonna really try to be more consistent with this!

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