Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Kentucky trip!

At Last -back to the blogosphere-I have been so busy lately -I havent been able to get down to this-I HAVE posted the pictures of this wonderful trip-but I want to tell you about it all! Please go to my Flickr account to see these lovely pieces form this talented group-link on lower right-It says Flickr and some numbers
I was met at the airport by Paula Hardesty-look for her teaching her soldering tricks at Artiscape come spring-and wisked way to Gaye Medbury's ( also teaching book structures at artiscape) amazing and I mean AAmazing studio-I was in shock and didnt take any pictures-but check her out in Studios magazine-it was overwhelming-everywhere I looked there was inspiration-there were stations for metal/collage/art-and drawers and drawers of buttons and doodads too many to mention-but -heres the rub-it was all impeccably organized-wowee! I could live there forever-just throw me some food now and then-Fabric/ assemblage-oh my!
Then off to the location of the workshop where we met Leslie Mc Carthy who owns the cutest darn fabric shop for Miles-Its called Making Ends Meet-( and its offshoot-Making Ends Meet Too)I have some pics of the shop up-I stayed at her house-well-it is a farm she lives on and the house was sooo beautiful-of course the window treatments and all beds and sofas covered in dreamy fabrics and the trims! I woke up to overlooking the acreage-it was a bit cool for me there-Jeff and Leslie Made me feel so at home-the weekend flew by! The workshop was wonderful-I met a few people there I knew from Art Unraveled-Marilyn-! found out we were both friends of the Kurutz's! and went to their wedding in LBC! Susan and m any more new friends! Wonderful work and the nicest people-I am truly going ot miss the people when I stop teaching. OK_ Morelater- There is so much to tell-Graffitti Collab is on and I will post about that and oh yeah the Dallas Retreat whoa! WIll blog bout this imminently! Thank you Louisville and the Kentuckianians!!!


Lisa Holtzman said...

Sounds like a great trip. Your postings on flickr

Jane Farr said...

I wish I had known you were teaching so close! Have the courses for Artiscape 2010 been posted yet? I hope there are some lettering classes this year.