Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Incredible Dallas Retreat!

Yes there are many many pictures of this long weekend with the Kaligrafos group in Dallas! It was fantastic-I know I use aLOT of superlatives-but this was an amazing weekend. I was whisked to a retreat center in Richardson-which is still pretty much in the city altho you wouldnt know it when you are there. I have posted 330 pictures of this place and these people and their wonderful works. The subject was the Book of Intentions and the solutions were as varied and beautiful as all the participants. As you can see from the pictures the retreat was on a pond-this is the view from my room-a most excellent hotel room with all the amenities. there were walking trails and trees and turtles and coyotes -oh my! Jeri Wright and Donna Sabolovic were the masterminds of the retreat-and every detail was taken care of -from yummy meals and full on breakfasts with eggs!-thank you Thomas and Paula and Brenda and all who contributed. We decorated coffee mugs for an exchange-I got my Strawberry fields mug I had my eye on by the oh so talented Janell Wimberly.
We had personalized aprons and wooden name plates with our name in wire! on our room doors-thanks Debbie and all who helped-they were neato. There were flowers on our beds and treats and candy at every turn-oh and the calligraphy! and the paintings-we had many laughs and the team went for all my silly requests-those lists I hope are on fridges all over texas! Please go look at these pictures-and be sure to check out on page 14 Rick Garlington's incredible hand carved stamps-the details on these were so incredible-and then he stamped these on fabric! It was a really super event-I loved the texas hospitality and the members were all very inspiring to me-I surely will miss this next year!!
BUT I still have four more events this year-the OC's Bali Lantern class this weekend-go to if you can be spontaneous! Then I'll be in Alabama next weekend! a Parallel pen mini workshop Thanksgiving weekend and then the mighty Graffitti Collab with my girls Alisa Burke and Traci Bautista Dec. 4, 5th and 6th at the Art Bar in Santa Ana-more on this soon-I will post a link to this event on the blog too!
Oh and the last night in Texas-after the most beautiful weather it really rained-and we went to wonderful Mexican Restaurant-La Hacienda!!
Thank you all for making me feel sooo welcome

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Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Good heavens dear, when do you land? You must have wings. I had fun reading your posts about where you have been. It will be fun to get to read more. Blessings and light to you from Amy