Saturday, April 17, 2010


Oh my-Im behind a bit-but I am featured this week on the wonderful website from former Somerset Studios editor Jenny Doh's fabulous new project,Crescendoh! It's theme and mission statement is Art Saves-and I think you can't go wrong with that! I share this week with wonderful Tracie Huskamp and Suzi Blu and a very cool thing is our favorite links are featured and change daily! I had so much fun figuring out my favorites- My grafitti article is up now. my links are for sure quirky but check it out!
ALSO_Etsy store is coming along-I'll announce when we have some more stuff posted-oh and we'll be having a Parallel Pen sale soon too!It is so beautiful now here in SoCal-and its hard to come in out of the garden and work!

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Renee Troy said...

I'm happy that you are taking the time you need to mend, have fun and take pleasure in your garden. Enjoy! Life's too short...