Friday, September 24, 2010


A brand new flyer for my trip to Italy and you get to preview it first here!
-Please join me-this is gonna be great!
May 2011!

One of the things Lisa remember most about Orvieto, Italy were the flowers everywhere! It seemed every villa was adorned with balconies of cascading flowers and vines and lined with color. For her second trip with Adventures in Italy she thought, 'What a wonderful opportunity to explore the nature and beauty of plein-air flower painting.

Plein-air is a french expression that means “in the open air” and that’s where this workshop will venture - out into the beautiful village of Orvieto- the perfect example of a country town.
You will begin by learning the basics of Lisa's no fail “Really Easy” watercolor flower techniques in the lovely classroom at our B&B. You will use fresh flowers from the local farmers market to study! Soon you will venture out to the quiet streets and meadows of Orvieto, a classic hilltop town in central Italy. Communal class painting and individual solitary sojourns will spark individual and class critiques. Midweek Lisa will introduce a simple style of pointed pen lettering you will love - even if you’ve never done calligraphy before. Lisa promises you will succeed at this wonderful art form.Once you are lettering, you can label your paintings, write flower quotations, and
journal your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Lisa is truly excited to share with you this style of painting. You will learn about and paint the semitropical flowers of Orvieto like bougainvillea and wild orchids. You will receive a book of exemplars and samples for further study while you create a floral journal to remember this once-in-a- lifetime trip.

Cost - $2875. Fee includes six nights double occupancy lodging, six breakfasts, one dinner, all cultural events, course kit and instruction. Single occupancy available for an additional cost. Because Italian cuisine is such fun, meals are not prearranged allowing you prearranged allowing you the freedom to choose where and what to eat. We give lots of advice and no one eats alone! Travel costs are not included.

• Introduction to the simple joys of Italian culture.
• Cook a delectable meal with a fabulous Italian
chef, while learning the secrets of using fresh local
• Visit a vineyard and meet the owner as he tells you
his philosophy for creating wines with character. Sip
several of his favorites and learn how each is unique -
a most intimate wine tasting.
• Shop as the locals do at the weekly market, where
fresh local produce makes tempting ingredients for a
picnic lunch.
• Discover the history and production of olive oil as you
take part in an olive oil tasting in an historic Etruscan
• Linger as you explore the finest Gothic cathedral in
all of Italy.
Lisa started making art and letters to avoid having a real job and now passionately pursues lettering of all types on all surfaces. She's a lettering artist and instructor in calligraphy and mixed media. Lisa teaches workshops and classes internationally specializing in lettering on fabric, experimental lettering and the creative process. She is a self titled Letterista, somewhat a rebel and her unique style has landed her on the faculty of ten international lettering conferences and she teaches at collage, quilting and alternative arts conferences nationwide. In 2006 Lisa introduced new multi- media classes at the International Quilt Show in Houston, Texas. She is interested not only in classical letterforms but also alternative surfaces for lettering and current street influences on modern calligraphy. Lisa has never followed the rules of the lettering art world and prides herself on this fact. She has translated this attitude to her work and teaching methods. She is a frequent contributor to Somerset Studios and her work on fabric was featured on the covers of Legacies and Quilting Arts magazines. She is currently creating a graffiti diversion program in her city of Long Beach, California and has designed her first tattoo! In 2010 Lisa was a presenter at TypeCon, an international type conference. Her work is featured in the soon to be released Somerset Workshop and the book,Art Saves by Jenny Doh. Lisa is the author of the best selling book from Rockport /Quarry Publishing, Modern Mark Making, from Classic Calligraphy to Hip Lettering. ( The just released paperback version has a brand new title-
Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering-but the same goodness inside!)



Martha Lever said...

Hi Lisa!
Oh how I wish I could come with you to Italy! I would be a dream trip for sure. Are you planning on writing a book or offering a online teaching how to paint these flowers and do these wonderful letterforms? Oh, I do hope so. I was in your class in Birmingham and loved it so much.


kristi said...

Hi Lisa!
We are in Orvieto right now, savoring with relish each gorgeous day as our groups create stunning art during the morning and together we explore the wonders tucked within the ancient streets and tiny cafes each afternoon. We can not wait to have you back with us this spring, when the poppies will vibrantly dot the hillsides and the spring blossoms in the convent garden and neighboring alleys offer endless inspiration for delicious paintings. Oh hurry hurry sweet May. Bill and Kristi - Adventures in Italy

Great Journeys said...

Sometimes you would expect the journey to be little bit longer as you enjoy every bit of it. Traveling by plane shortens the duration of the journey that's what I don't like. I prefer traveling by car, to Italy, holding Italy Road Map and visiting every nook and corner of the country. Thank you Lisa for the information about the trip. I wish I could come.