Monday, April 4, 2011


Im pretty packed-and excited to wing my way to Washington and ArtFest in beautiful Port Townsend . Of course I'll be seeing my lovelies Sarah and Kristin before and after -but I'll be teaching THREE fun classes-Catharsis-Mark Making Book, Fabric Paint Party and finishing it up with Pen Addiction! Of course there will be plenty of pictures of all this-and I will be participating in the Iron Chef art fest event-Cooking art up. I also have scored a brand new to me bike on Craigs List-Its name is Magenta Divine Free Spirit-once my in house bike mechanic visits it will be in tip top shape! ( My son cracked up at that name-can you imagine?) I saw the color and said sold! Here are also some pictures of my classes.
Please check back as I have exciting news as to a fundraiser for Japan featuring my art and that of many other artists!

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curlysusieQ said...

What a funny name for a bike, love the colors. It sounds like life is busy, busy, busy. Have a great time at ArtFest.