Saturday, May 7, 2011


Im officially launching my Letterista Style brand-at the wonderfully cool Unique LA show this Sunday in downtown LA-I'll be at the Craftside/Quarry booth doin names 'ista style. I'll have some cool junk for sale-some new stickers and ta new Tshirts-Letterista Style. They are hot off the press from the excellent silk screening studio of my friend Neal-if you need some tshirts good and cheap-i mean inexpensive! go to

OH and did I happen to mention my trip to the Art in the Streets show at MOCA? If you are near by run -dont walk to this show at the Geffen MOCA-if you dont live in LA buy a plane or train ticket now! I mean it-its awesome! IF you live far far away-go to my FLICKR ACCOUNT and look at 14 pages of pics. Since I am working on a graffiti diversion program and most of these artists featured have transcended the streets in their own ways it is INCREDIBLE! It also showcases the history of graff and theres an excellent Levis Film workshop inside. I got a private tour from the lovely Deborah-see her shot at the drums at the Os Gemenos installation. She informed me that Banksy hangs out in the gallery after hours with other artists goofing off-theres an incredible stained glass look collab he did with middle schoolers-they didnt know it was Banksy-just some dude! Love it!

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Hi there!

It was wonderful meeting you at Unique LA. Thanks for the great souvenir. I'll be sure to check out your book at my local bookstore.