Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oh what a wonderful weekend! I was invited to teach in North Carolina in Raleigh for the CLAS AGM. 25 wonderful new friends-and please check out their work here on my Flickr! go to ( Scroll past my lawn shots-Im putting a sustainable lawn and I will ahve the blog about that up Soon!) It was Letterista style and writing on fabric-making a book. I was housed in a beeautiful hotel and felt like a queen. Special big shout out to my host Liz Simmonds for organizing and wrangling me. On our desks were a cigar box full of calligraphic goodies prepared by Stephanie and Martha. ( see above) There are also pics of the exhibit of CLAS at the Cary Arts Center which was an old school house they have converted to an amazing space. Thank you so much for inviting me to your beautiful state! ( Thanks too for the hailstorm! It was amazing too!)

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lyric said...

WHAtWHAtWHAT!?!? You were here in my home town and we didn't get together?


I love the Cary Art Center!!!!