Friday, April 20, 2012


Lisa will be teaching Letterista Script to Local Letter Artists beginning this Tuesday! You can be a total beginner to take this class near South Coast Plaza. Sponsored by the Orange County Society for Calligraphy. Here's the scoop! Lisa Engelbrecht will be giving an Extended Studies Workshop on her Letterista Script on April 24, May 1 and May 8, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., at Barbara Close's Studio, 3851 Bear Street, Suite B, Santa Ana. The cost is $70 per student. Contact Linda Mirth at to register for the class. This class is going to be so much fun. It is so simple to do this style and, really, anyone can do it. I love script alphabets and came up with this style while waiting for my notoriously late doctor, having only a notebook and a ball point pen. I will introduce you to Copperplate-style outlines using Micron pens and then build up the strokes to allow for decorations and variations inside the letters later. This is similar to a tattoo style of lettering, where the tattoo needle just makes a mono line. The second week we will work on refinements of the letters and flourishes. Week 3 will be a mix of color and glitter fillings, special Zentangle-inspired patterning and jazzy writing on black paper. You won't want to miss this super relaxed class! Welcome to summer and fun letters!


Linda m said...

This workshop is so much fun! Everyone is having success, because Lisa is such a wonderful teacher!!

Ulina /Apricot Bubbles said...

I wish I could participate in one of your workshops!
Greetings from Austria,

Bonnie said...

Have you ever thought of having an online class for those of us who love your lettering but don't live near you???