Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CREATE! Retreat in Irvine from Interweave

Shimmer and Bling Necklace!

Letterista Style!

SUCH A WONDERFUL CONFERENCE here close by in Irvine-I met the nicest people!
The first ( Long !) day was Letterista and also Modern Script! PLEASE go visit the flickr-site-Link on the right to see some of the wonderful work produced. I am so gratified to be doing what I do-It is the Best Job Ever-and I think I will always teach-somehow some way-oh and I have an idea percolating in my head for a Garden Studio day-a day of play, art, good food and wine! Yes?

On Sunday it was Shimmer and Bling Neclace and gold techniques -almost cancelled when I forgot the supplies necessary-Thanks so much to the intrepid Kristin ( my amazing daughter) for her early morning freeway dash and bailed me out big time! I don't think I'll do that again soon!!


Stephanie said...

looks like an awesome time!

Stephanie said...
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