Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It was a wonderful 8 day trip with my daughter to Abiquiu New Mexico and the beautiful retreat center known as Ghost Ranch-there I taught Thoroughly Modern Script to my 8 wonderful new colleagues. What an experience and what a setting! I have tons of pictures up now on my Flickr Site ( on the right of this entry)-interspersed among the outstanding art work by the students is our side trips to Historic Route 66 sites like Seligman and Williams Arizona and the famous Here it Is Jackrabbit! We also visited Christ of the Desert Monastery and the Dar al Islam Mosque. This is Georgia O'Keefe country and you can see everywhere the mountains she painted. It was quite  hot week but the sunsets- oh my! I taught in the very same area as Nancy Culmone, Sherrie Lovler and Carol Pallesen-my new besties! I will label the pictures as soon as I come down from this trip high!

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Donna Jeanne Koepp said...

Oh, I so wanted to be there this year. I've been to Literaly Letters three times and always swear I'll go every year. I checked out your awesome Flickr pics and now I'm even more bummed. glad you had a wonderful time. I took a class from you in Dallas many years ago and I'm fortunate to have Carol Pallesen as a resource right here at home. I hope I catch up to one of your classes again soon.