Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ugh -I havent posted in over a month-so sorry guys! I havent posted about the Create retreat or my trip to Seattle-so I'll start with my Seattle trip and post very soon about the Create Retreat~! The main mission was to see my girls Kris and Sarah-get an awesome haircut from Ms. Sarah, Goodwill  and see Gatsby with the Paul Shin and the gang! Well -missiOn accomplished-along with a trip to Georgetown-new hip area, the Goodwill Outlet!!! ( all furniture is 99 cents-where Macklemore filmed that Thrift Shop video! ) a Beckoning Cat exhibit in Bellevue, and a big blow out party/ bonfire with new and old friends! Fortunately the girls will be here in August-I miss them-soooo check out my pics art  the ol Flickr site-altho now it is new and improved? I have been busy working on a super amazing secret that I will share with you soon-cant wait to share it!!

My grandkitty Cairo-coneless!

Door of my dreams in Georgetown-with miss Kris

Maneki- Neko Beckoning cat exhibit some from the 16th century!

Sarah in her new cat ears and cat glasses!

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