Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Summer Season

Has passed and now it is time to emerge! To be honest I have been not feeling the greatest-dealing with side effects from new research drugs. I did make it through the Summit conference which was so wonderful I only wish I could have enjoyed it more but spent a few nights and afternoons knocked out! Thanks to Candy Entingh and Cecilia Harris for being my angels! So now I am playing it close to home-starting a new class at my local Art Center-here is their work after only 3 weeks!

After class last week we had the Mariposa festival at CALB Here is the King Butterfly Joshua!

Big ups to CC sadler and Linda Renner who came to do Bookmarks!

So I have inherited this beautiful Cactus that surprised me with the most amazing blooms-they last exactly one day-I take that as a message to take it in this present moment-the days will get better-I will get stronger-thanks for your patience with me and this blogging stuff!

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