Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have to apologize-my post about the DVD did not have my email-so its probably hard to order it if you cant contact me!
My email is
I will blog more but I am going to crash with my new favorite poet's book-I went to his reading the other night and he blew me away! His name is Frank X. Gaspar and here's a snippet-Cant wait to letter this stuff!

From Night of a Thousand Blossoms

Well, is it really wise to search for guidance in a small room
cluttered with books and papers, with a glass of whiskey
and a box of wheat crackers, with my eyes ticking like
the brass tide-clock on the plaster wall? When the house sleeps
huddled in the city’s jasmine night? Night of a thousand blossoms
I can’t name? Night of a soft marine layer, Pacific fog
hanging about a hundred yards up, a gauze, a parchment?
I am hidden thus from my duties, I can escape the moral law.
Isn’t it written, didn’t Lord Krishna himself say that we mustn’t
relinquish the action we are born to, even if it is flawed?

Photo of my cat Kula-just one of the cat posse

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