Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well its been a whole month-that is crazy-since I have posted and more since I went to Tulsa. I enjoyed this trip so very much-we stayed at a beautiful retreat outside of town-with many deer and wildlife- right next to a lake. Our classroom had this excellent view of the lake and the weather was amazing. The rooms had flat screen TVS and I had my own room! The crazy and wonderful Leslie Wade was one of my sherpas-thanks to her I got my stuff there-I had prepared some folders for the handouts-but lo and behold the amazing Sara Hanlon and her daughter Kimberly had hand painted 22 folders on canvas for each class member. Heres a pic of mine! The class was incredible-Travis Certain, Sandy Newburg and Dianne Hogue drove from very far away-what lovely people were in the Tulsa group!! I want to write each one a huge thank you-what a joy it was to watch you work and be totally inspired. I had a bit of a bummer on coming home that my camera was lost-always put a business card in the case-just in case-haha. I am sad because the photos from tulsa were in there!c BUT! Sara has posted her incredible book on her blog and you MUST go to it right now and see this work of art-(I personally wouldn't be able to give it away)-her site is There are also pics from the class-thank you so much Sara-for everything! Linda Jolly and Sue Kinsey got me to and fro-I stayed with Linda's fun family the last night-than she took me to Tulsa proper and I HAD some great pics of the ArtDeco buildings-who would've known! Tulsa! center of the nation!

Im getting ready to go to Artfest in two weeks-vending stuff and Tats/Graff class stuff-crazy hectic as usual. More postings soon-its like a steamroller now-first Seattle then Kalamazoo-then Letters of Joy then Italy-Stop the World! But I have a new Nikon and Im ready to post post away! Spring is coming-Its beautiful here in California-

I have a watercolor flowers class planned for the patio next week-must go buy some bark nuggets for the yard! Please check out Sara's blog-Ive linked it on the right too-and I have new work on my Flickr site-link on the right too!

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Sara said...

Lisa: Already I had a visitor from your this morning, I checked out your new posting. I am blown away that you posted the photo of the folder. I can't wait to tell Kimberly!

The retreat was an amazing weekend of new friendships and discovery in fabric lettering. I am making another fabric book for an art have opened Pandora's Box!!!

Thank you Lisa for your generosity!