Monday, June 16, 2008

Been Tagged!

Just recovering from a whirlwind weekend with the nomadic Traci Bautista! She's off to Hawaii- but soon back to Long Beach for the Quilt show in July-we'll be having an art party house that week with the Art Girlz Allison and Tracy and tha fabulous Traci B. We met up with Jenny Doh who is into blogging big Time!! Toured the new Stampington Offices and went to the most greatest Mexican Food restaurant-Gabbi's in Orange

OK Here goes
Ive been tagged by Tracie Huskamp to answer the following questions

1.Write the title to your own memoir using 6 words -

Loving Unconditionally

2. Post to your blog - DONE!

3. Link to the person that tagged you -Please check out Tracie H's lovely work at the Red Door Studio -Tracie Huskamp's blog listed at the right

4. Tag 5 more individuals - UMmmmmm.... how about Traci Bautista, Jen Cushman, Dawn Sokol, Kelli Perkins and Susan Richardson
links on the right for these gals

It is the perfect summer evening-I think I need to go take pictures of my sunflowers and my plums and post them right here-Im listening to the new Coldplay album so Im pretty much in heaven right now-Life is so Good!

Tonight I figure out the software for the new camera and learn to transfer onto the computer-look out for fruit!

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