Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sabrina and the Computer!

Oh well-I have had DSL problems for a week-dropped alot and wonky-I really need an IT guy to come and live with me full time! Anyone? I just am not computer literate. So before I get dropped again-quickly! Sabrina was fantastic-just how you think she'd be-but articulate and smart. I really took away tons from her workshop-and a nice little book-the best part was watching her spread gesso and paint on with her hands-and spilling water all over it-I have some amazing ideas for my Chicago class
OH -Carol Parks house was so cool-I got a couple pics of her place but still learning the camera-after I forgot the memory card the first day-doh! I need a camera specialist too-I had the camera at super high DPI or whatever and got a grand total of 8 pictures till I filled the memory card. ANyways- I stayed for dinner on Saturday and wow- Carol is a top notch chef along with being an amazing artist-The feast we enjoyed was incredible-from the mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes to pasta wiht roasted sage and pine nuts-I was so stuffed. Her garden was just delightful -I relaxed in it as I sat with a glass of Chianti and savored the blissful moment-another meant to be moment. The day was beautiful and soft
Oh more tomorrow I hope-maybe pictures soon

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Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

OMG!!!! I would have just DIED and gone to HEAVEN being part of that workshop..


Looking forward to seeing ALL your beautiful work.. or at LEAST bring it with you to AU so we can OoooOOo and AHhhhhHHhh over it