Friday, June 27, 2008

Happiness and UhOh!

Yes-the postman knocked on the door and I ran and got my camera-I wanted to document the day the books came!! Im so excited! BUT! the boxes were totally thrashed and one box arrived empty! Heres the sad picture-It looks like the books that did arrive are ok but when I went to the post office even the supervisor had to shake her head! She said to contact the dead letter office-the dead book office? Im sure my publisher will replace them and I have plenty to fill the orders-I have to get my helper in gear -so I hope to have the invoices out and books shipped next week-you can still order from me!! Please see the info at the right. Im currently working on the piece to be included-I think you'll like it!!

More later-I have connected with a couple guys at a local center -and they have agreed to teach me how to do graffitti-these guys are the most amazing artists and I have so much to tell-I will post some of their work-it was so fun today to buy some spray paint just for art-the guy had to unlock it for me!! Im learning so much-okok-back to work!

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