Monday, June 23, 2008

Its Time...Begin!

It is a beautiful summer afternoon-someone once said that those are the two most wonderful words-summer afternoon-I have to agree
I have been really busy with many things-theres the Lettering Conference in Chicago coming up-then I'll be back here for the Long Beach Quilt Conference. I'll have the joy of hosting the Art Girlz and Traci Bautista-my son said to me -"So its gonna be a Art House?"
Next week the book arrives and I met the most wonderful person at Barnes and Noble-Jody-Jean Who has graciously offered to host a Book Signing on Sept 13!( Marina Pacifica Location) More later-but it will be a collage fun day too and wow-
Also I will be Book/ Body Signing aT THE ART BAR! That will be on Sept 6-the Open Studios night-which is great fun-all the artists in Santa Ana open their studios-and CSU Fullerton also has an amazing annex there-and theres bands and open mic and its a great place to wander! More later on that too!
I am getting way ahead of myself-I need to think about the present-Im working on some new quilts and pieces for vending-and the exclusive piece you'll receive when you preorder my book-which I'll personalize for you-I am getting inundated with orders-so AMAZING!
I am so blessed-thank you all for your incredible support-this means so much to me right now at this point! sincerely!-I'll put links on the right in case you'd like to check out the conferences I'll be teaching at!


Carol Sloan said...

I think I sent you an email about purchasing the dvd and the book. Can I pay for both at the same time with PayPal? Email and let me know, if you can!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Your Art and Your Beautiful Spirit are a TRUE LIGHT in the World!!!