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Shimmer and Sparkle Workshop
Saturday March 5, 2011
Santa Ana, CA

For those of you that have asked me about a local workshop in Southern California-here you go! This will be the very first workshop in a new series of events held in the lovely hoem studio of the wonderful Jenny Doh ( you may know her as the former editor of Somerset Studios et al!) If you havent visited her new spot at you must go there now-Its amazing-there is so much to visit and see and do! Here is the info about the workshop-its gonna rock-I started making these little sparkly heart necklaces ( above) and I couldn't stop-We're cooking up so cool workshop kits and a catered lunch if you'd like-but there's limited space so if you're interested at all please sign up quickly!

Shimmer & Sparkle All-Day Workshop
with Lisa Engelbrecht

Join multi-media artist Lisa Engelbrecht, author of Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering, at the home studio of Jenny Doh on Saturday, March 5, 2011 for a very special all-day class. Lisa will guide us with assorted writing instruments to explore and discover experimental lettering and mark-making. The letters and marks will be incorporated onto canvas, and combined with exciting mixed-media techniques to add special shimmer and sparkle by creating metallic hearts with duo adhesives, foils, double-stick tape, and metallic pens. Students will learn how to create mixed media art quilts and mixed media pendant necklace. For students who need support for any portion of the techniques, Lisa and Jenny will be on hand to provide support.

* Arrive & Settle: 8:30 :: Time for students to arrive, settle in, and grab a cup of coffee.
* Class Segment A: 9:00-12:00 :: Class time with Lisa Engelbrecht who will demonstrate and guide the first part of class.
* Lunch & optional walk: 12:00 PM :: You can choose to brown bag it or decide on a catered lunch option* and then weather permitting, take a walk in a scenic, historic Santa Ana neighborhood and park.
* Class Segment B: 1:00-4:00 PM :: Class time with Lisa Engelbrecht who will demonstrate and guide the second part of class.
* Show & Tell, Clean-Up & Depart: 4:00-5:00 PM


* In order to optimize a quality learning experience, class size is very limited. First come, first served.
* Each student will receive a class kit created by Lisa, which will include basic supplies needed for class. Lisa & Jenny will also have on hand, tools and supplies to share. Students are asked to bring the following items to class:
o Favorite acrylic inks or paints (an assortment from your collection)
o Brushes (an assortment from your collection)
o Gel pens & markers (an assortment from your collection)
o Old T-shirt
o Ziploc bag filled with small fabric scraps (to incorporate into art)
* If you'd like to purchase a catered lunch, please purchase the class with catered lunch option.
* Lisa will have a limited number of original art items on hand for those interested in purchasing her art.
* The class location is in Santa Ana, California. The address will be provided upon purchase of class.
* Due to limited class size, the spot for this class is transferable but payment is non-refundable.

I hope you can join us -if you like shiny things and bling -this is for you!


Stacy Hurt said...

Hey Lisa! Where can we get more info on this? Sounds like fun!

Mary Alice said...

need this online..... for Tennessee folks!!!!

lisa said...

hi! go to for more info!

VictoriousVixen said...

Lisa, I am trying to find where more information is on & not having any luck!!! Can you provide a link for those of us who are interested? It is not listed in "events."

lisa said...

you got it heres the link and I will post it on the blog!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Lisa, would this be appropriate for a "beginner" letterer? I don't have a lettering style and I don't do any calligraphy, so I am worried that I'd be too far behind the rest of the class ??? And - just what is the class size limited to? Thanks so much!
~~ Davielle

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Lisa, no need to reply, unless you want to reinforce my decision to go ahead and register for the workshop! Jenny told me how amazing you are, and so I signed up. If I am too much of a beginner, then heck, I'll get from the day what I'm meant to get from the day. :-) Looking forward to this! ~~ Davielle