Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fiori Botanici-My Class in Italy!

I am so excited to be teaching this subject in Italy this May-Watercolor Flowers and Calligraphy! We will have the opportunity to paint on the streets and parks of the tiny unique town of Orvieto-It really looks like the place where Romeo and Juliet would have lived. Flowers are everywhere, cascading down walls and overflowing pots on almost every doorstep-Heres the class description and itinerary

For my second trip I thought, 'What an wonderful opportunity to explore the nature and beauty of plein-air flower painting.'"

Plein-air is a french expression that means “in the open air” and that’s where this workshop will venture - out into the city.
You will begin by learning the basics of Lisa's no fail “Really Easy” watercolor flower techniques in the lovely classroom at our B&B. You will use fresh flowers from the local farmers market to study! Soon you will venture out to the quiet streets and meadows of Orvieto, a classic hilltop town in central Italy. Communal class painting and individual solitary sojourns will spark individual and class critiques.

Midweek Lisa will introduce a simple style of pointed pen lettering you will love - even if you’ve never done calligraphy before. Lisa promises you will succeed at this wonderful art form.

Once you are lettering, you can label your paintings, write flower quotations, and journal your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Lisa is truly excited to share with you this style of painting. You will learn about and paint the semitropical flowers of Orvieto like bougainvillea and wild orchids. You will receive a book of exemplars and samples for further study while you create a floral journal to remember this once-in-a- lifetime trip.

May 15 - Arrive Orvieto, introductions, tour of our B&B, group dinner
May 16 - Morning Studio:
• Introduction to the Idea of flowers
• Basic Watercolor Techniques,
• Leaf basics,
• Beginnings studies in the garden
Afternoon Exploration:
• Introduction to Italian culture, olive oil and wine tasting
in an Etruscan setting
• Walking tour of Orvieto - scouting inspiration
May 17 - Morning Studio:
• Petals and flower structure
• Calyx and leaf groupings
• Plein-air study in nearby meadow
Afternoon Exploration:
• Cooking class - learn to make pasta and other dishes,
and enjoy the fruits of your labors!
May 18 - Morning Studio:
• Lettering introduction
• More flowers
• Plein-air study: individual painting, in-town locations
• Individual or group critique
Afternoon Exploration:
• Etruscan cave tour
May 19 - Morning Studio:
• Painting in the local market
• Work on floral journal
• Group critique
Picnic lunch with food from the market.
Afternoon Exploration
• Vineyard tour - visit a local vineyard, learn the vintner’s
passion for wine. Sample several wines, including
Orvieto Classico.
May 20 - Morning Studio:
• Fun additions to your compositions including gold!
Afternoon Studio:
• Final details and presentations
May 21 - Depart Orvieto

Oh but time is running out to sign up for this once in a lifetime trip-my next blog I will feature my companion on my first Italy trip-my daughter Krisitn-who will clue you in as to how the companion tour works-so you can bring your lover, partner, friend, significant other too! Go now to or email Kristin or Bill at

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