Friday, January 28, 2011

Un Assiagio di Orvieto ( A taste of Orvieto!)

One of my main intentions is to taste all the things I couldn't when I was sick last time in Italy! I mean to tell you the opportunities are endless! On our first night there Kristin and Bill treated us to a simple dinner at a lovely family's pizzaria. So light-so delisioso. and that was just the beginning! We had picnics, olive oil tastings,pasta we made ourselves, pigeon (!) -there's a story there! The farmers market just footsteps away was a delight to all the senses.( Full roasted pork!) We wanted it all! The beautiful patio at our convent di Ludovico provided a wonderful break from our work-lively conversations with fellow artists in the shade and fantastic food and drink! Is this heaven? Im so looking forward to this-! One thing I missed while in bed was the vineyard tour-I cant wait-this is included in your trip. My daughter raved about the wine and the setting-and brought two bottles home-Orvieto is world reknowned for its wine!
# Oh but I did go to the dinner ( also included) where we prepared our own four star dinner-( guided by pros natch!) Another amazing event! We created deep fried Zucchini blossom appetizers-from that day's market and made our own fresh pasta-incredible!
# The dining here is divine-and you can go simple with just a pastry ( again to die for!) and a cappuchino while you sit outdoors as you paint watercolor flowers-can we go now please?

# YES! Please join me in this incredible adventure!

# PLEASE NOTE The deadline to sign up for this Italy trip is fast approaching! Please go to


Elizabeth said...

Oh do I wish that i could!!! Perhaps someday!! College tuitions come first!!! But I will be taking one of your classes at Artfest!!!! i never dreamed that I would ever be able to attend artfest so one never knows!! Can't wait!! I know that Orvieto will be pure magic and know that you will share with us!!!

kristi said...

For any creative folks eager to join Lisa for this exceptional week in Italy, please rest assured Adventures in Italy will do everything possible to make this the trip of a lifetime for you. We'd love to have you join us. Ciao! Kristi