Monday, January 17, 2011

Il convento di San Ludovico

Continuing my festival of all things Italy-I'd like to tell you about the wonderful accomodations in Orvieto-where my weeklong class will be held in Italy in May-Giant doors open to a quiet courtyard bordered by trees and gardens. I felt immediately the sense of place that pervades this lovely convent. Its guest rooms are newly refurbished-bathrooms modern and giant windows open to the beautiful views of the Italian village and countryside. It is incredibly quiet and peaceful. I spent many hours watching out my windows at the birds swooping nearby and though it wasnt my choice to stay in my room all the time that I did ( I was pretty sick at that time!) it was a time that I could rest and restore-and I look so forward to this again! The nuns take incredible care of you -and breakfast is held daily in a dining room adorned with ancient frescoes. Everywhere there are beautiful paintings and sculptures, a small chapel and a stations of the cross garden where I spent time painting flowers-and where I think we will spend our plein air study for part of our workshop-just beautiful! The room where our workshop is held is bright and airy and has all we need for our creative work-again surrounded by flowers. The town of Orvieto is another blog that will come soon!

SPECIAL NOTICE! I will be featuring my daughter Kristin as my guest blogger -she was my companion and she will tell you about the Discover Orvieto portion of her trip as my guest!
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kristi said...

We can't wait to have you back in Orvieto with Adventures in Italy this May! Remember the fabulous picnics we enjoyed right there in the beautiful convent courtyard? Aaaaah - alfresco living at its best with delectable vegetables, fruits, and cheeses fresh from the local market. Every moment seemed a feast for the senses. love to you, Kristi