Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Il mio ritorno in Italia ( A Five day adventure!)

AHHH! A return for me to the beautiful country of Italy-I've decided to make it a festival of sorts on my Blog and website-if you go to my website you'll be treated to Italian Love songs in the background! I will be returning to Italy in May and the deadline for you to join me on this excellent adventure is approaching quickly! I don't want to have you left out. I will be teaching a Five Day class called Fiori Botanici, a watercolor flowers and calligraphy adventure. We'll be learning many things in this class-and I will have a 'theme' for each day of my Italy fest here-but today I want to focus on the adventure itself.
I think of the leap of faith made by Elizabeth Gilbert in the wonderful " Eat Pray Love". Not knowing the language, or really anyone in the country she traveled to Italy. After my big year I find its essential to my spirit to maintain this sense of adventure and spontaneity. I would love to share this with you ( and your partner too!) Words can't really describe this country and Orvieto-the town where we will settle is the quintessential small Italian village-flowers and cobblestones and a sense of peace that you rarely find. Have you been thinking of going? I do hope you'll consider this trip-it truly is going to be once in a lifetime! Please go to for even more beautiful pictures and consider leaping with me-it's going to be great!


jademond said...

lisa. italy is not that far from where i live and i might consider to join the workshop. where can i find more information about it? please drop me an email to rweyde(at)me(dot)com

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

How wonderful! Rena Askey, my dear friend, who shared the cover credits with you on Workshop is going later this year to Italy, as well! Have a great time! Blessings.

lisa said...

I can tell you you will love the experience-especially the wonderful couple running the tour, Kristin and Bill-email her at and she can give you more info-I would LOVE to meet you in Orvieto!